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Earlier this week, I had to install SQL Developer and I didn’t want to pull down the full SDK from Sun when I could use OpenJDK and all of the yum goodness that Fedora provides.

First I installed all of the OpenJDK packages ( SQL Developer claims to require a full JDK install )

I pulled down the RPM install from Oracle and it installed flawlessly. When I ran it though… nothing…

I dropped to the command line and ran sqldeveloper manually, and it couldn’t find the JDK.

I set it as /usr in ~/.sqldeveloper/jdk – which is consistent with the OpenJDK install from Fedora. (You could also set your JAVA_HOME to the same)

It still complained that java was a JRE and not a full JDK. I suppressed the JDK check by adding ‘SetSkipJ2SDKCheck true’ to /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin/sqldeveloper.conf.

I fired it up and hurray! it worked. It works from the Activities screen too.